Operations on the thyroid gland under the guidance of Professor Kim Bup Woo

Operations on the thyroid gland under the guidance of Professor Kim Bup Woo

Korean Medical Center Almaty is a branch of the South Korean general Yonsei University Gangnam Severance Hospital, and specializes in the diagnosis and therapy of a wide range of oncological diseases.

Mission of the Center: To strengthen the position of Kazakhstani medicine, using the best international experience.


Official opening of Korean Medical Center Almaty


Medicine in Kazakhstan is developing at a rapid pace. One of the most significant events in the medical sphere in 2018 was the opening of Korean Medical Center Almaty. The institution was established on the basis of the largest general hospital Gangnam Severance in Asia, which operates in South Korea.


Korean Medical Center Almaty has already conducted the first surgery to remove oncology tumor on the thyroid gland under the guidance of Professor Kim Bup Woo from South Korea — a member of the International Association of Endocrine Surgeons.


«From the clinic

During the diagnosis, the morbid growth on the left lobe of the thyroid gland was revealed, with the accumulation of contrast medium, a significant increase in the lymph nodes of the neck on the left. The final result of the histological examination confirmed the initial assumption of malignant thyroid growth»


Now the main direction of Korean Medical Center Almaty is the diagnosis of oncological diseases of the thyroid gland with the further development of various spectrums. High-tech equipment for CT, MRI, tomotherapy, allows identifying diseases in the early stages, which significantly increases the chances of patients for complete recovery.


If problems are identified, the center provides an opportunity to undergo therapy and rehabilitation in the best Asian clinic Gangnam Severance. The medical facility in Seoul has surgical equipment of the latest generation, including innovative robotic systems that can successfully deal with even complex problems. The presence of international accreditation, received in 2010, confirms that Gangnam Severance is a clinic to which you can entrust your health.


Despite the fact that the Center works relatively recently, it has already received high patient ratings. Among the advantages of the establishment, visitors are distinguished the following:

  • Fast diagnostics — you can get an expert opinion within 3-4 days.
  • Highly qualified medical personnel. After receiving the diagnostic results, the specialist will consult in detail on the treatment of existing or prevention of possible diseases.
  • Comfortable location.
  • Ability to apply to the clinic, regardless of age.
  • Attractive service prices.


The creators of the Center make every effort to ensure that patients who decide to take care of their health, receive highly effective treatment in comfortable conditions and could prevent serious diseases.

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