Gangnam Severance

Benefits of the clinic

Well-established network and qualified treatment

The health care system at Yonsei University is evaluated not only as the leading medical organization of the country, but also as an international medical organization. The Gangnam Severance Clinic has 6 comprehensive clinics, 4 post-graduate programs, 3 institutes (medical institute, institute of dentistry and institute of nursing personnel training).

General Clinic Gangnam Severance, having a well-coordinated computer network, has 3 specialized centers, 46 treatment units and a department for support of treatment. For the first time in Korea, an operation for lung transplantation has been successfully performed and successful results of advanced medical development have been obtained. The clinic has an accurate and coordinated system of treatment and diagnostics.

The building of the hospital is well equipped and designed taking into account comfort for the patient, which combines ecological space, advanced computer and comfortable household equipment.


Recognition and evaluation

The Gangnam Severance clinic has always been considered a clinic, equipped with an advanced treatment system with the best medical staff. Accreditation of JCI confirmed this assessment, recognizing Severance as an international class clinic.

Advanced equipment

The Gangnam Severance Clinic is the first clinic in Asia that uses the DaVinci surgical robot. The high efficiency of this technology in operations to remove cancer of the intestine, prostate, liver, as well as gynecological tumors and the treatment of other cancers is especially noted.


System of treatment of foreign patients

The International Treatment Center operates in the Gangnam Severance Clinic, which provides all the necessary conditions for foreign patients to stay here. Our main task is prompt examination and treatment of foreign patients, the provision of comfortable conditions and the solution of the problem of the language barrier.

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